LGBT Friendly Businesses

14th Street Framing Gallery
225 W 14th Street
New York, NY

The 14th Street Framing Gallery was established in 1978. We have earned our longstanding reputation for excellence and value from over 35 years of service to our customers.We offer archival custom picture framing to both residential and commercial clients, from the smallest job to the largest. Every framing need is handled with the utmost attention to detail. All of our staff members have years of experience in framing and are extremely capable in helping you make the best choices for your project. We offer something for every framing budget. We have a "Poster Special" with a metal frame (available in 6 finishes) including dry mount and regular glass, all for an excellent price. (This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.). In addition, we have a selection of our "Value Line" mouldings
New York
305 Fitness
18 W 8th Street
New York, NY

Not a dancer? Not a problem

Our classes are easy to follow with a focus on high-intensity rhythmic cardio.

SLAY UP TO 900 calories per session.

A live DJ blasts music.

You've srlsly never had this much fun working out.

Expect a lotta air humping, jumping jacks, and non-stop smiling. You're gonna be sore for dayzzz. Cardio classes are 55 minutes, unless otherwise noted. Wear sneakers and bring water.

Cardio classes include:

Cardio Theme = our signature cardio, with flavorful music in the start, middle, and end.
Cardio Advanced = 58 minutes, full-body toning, fancy footwork. Recommended for anyone who has taken 10+ classes.
Cardio Basics = 45 minutes, with a breakdown of some of our most popular moves. Highly recommended for beginners.

Pssst...if you see "Arms" "Legs" "Ass" or "Abs" this refers to the 5 minute toning section in class. Just 5 minutes. So nbd. Sign up for whatever class works with your schedule. All our classes are magic.

At $26/class, these are awesomely affordable classes.


These classes are offered exclusively in NYC studios.

Coming to a city near you soon.

((305)) FLX: A 55-minute flexibility class that’s unlike any yoga class you’ve ever taken. Say bye to back pain, tight hips, and shin splints. Say hello to better body rolls and reverse cowgirls. This class will make you better in class, better in bed, and feeling better all-around! We developed this class with dance, physical therapy techniques, yoga, and biomechanics in mind. Class focuses on active stretching, which has been shown to increase flexibility more dramatically than any other technique. Classes are capped at 18 people. We heat the room to 90 degrees to maximize your range of motion. Baby, bend over!

((305)) PWR: A 50-minute strength and conditioning class that sculpts lean muscle and gets you in the sickest shape ever. Get the same results as personal training, for just $26/class. Classes are capped at 18 people. 305 PWR has that signature party vibe of a cardio class, but we’re focusing on calorie-torching strength and conditioning-exercises. This class focuses especially on glutes and core. You're in and out in just 50 minutes, and sore for days. Go awf!
New York
665 Leather & Fetish Co.
8722 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

From the first day we opened our doors in 1996, 665 has strived to offer only the very best to its customers. Since our business was originally built around serving the needs of friends in the local leather community, we had to be sure that each item offered would meet their high standards and expectations. Our goal has been to offer quality products at affordable prices. We have never forgotten that we are in the service industry and that our customers are the main focus. We sincerely hope that you will find that the 665 line meets your high standards of quality and service. Our Guarantee:

We firmly believe our gear is the finest made. We stand behind the workmanship of our line.
665 will repair or replace any item purchased by you if defective.
On all items we offer a 30 day product guarantee.

If anything is defective, not caused by your actions, abuse or neglect, we will gladly repair it at no charge to you.

Please contact us for a return authorization if you wish to return or exchange an item.
156 Bayview Walk
Cherry Grove, NY

A Summer Place Realty is proud to be the #1 Real Estate Office in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, N.Y. Evelyn Danko, Licensed Real Estate Broker and owner has been doing business in the Grove for 24 years. In the business of sales and/or rentals, Evelyn and her staff, make their combined experience and know how of putting clients with that one home they want to buy, or that one rental for a wonderful summer, their unique specialty. Satisfied customers are invaluable, and that is where many of A Summer Place Realty business comes from. You need look no further than A Summer Place Realty for the greatest number of listing offerings in Cherry Grove, Fire Island.

Fire Island Pines/Cherry Grove
Abacus IT
8380 California State Route 2 #201
West Hollywood, CA

Abacus IT, Inc. established in 2002 is a full service provider of IT solutions focusing on SMBs and home users. Abacus IT carries out PC and Mac repairs, set-up and maintenance services for desktops, laptops, servers and networks. We ensure that yours business runs smoothly by providing virus and malware infections removal tools, carry out hardware and software installations and upgrades, provide information backup systems, data recovery, set-up Hosted Exchange servers and Cloud services.
Abacus Portfolios, Barrett Porter, C.F.P
429 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 500
Santa Monica, CA

Abacus Wealth Partners helps you make the best use of your financial resources, freeing your time to enjoy what matters most in life. We show you where you are, protect you from financial dangers, create a roadmap for your future, manage your investments, and provide advice that touches every area of your life.
5 E 19th Street, 5th Fl
New York, NY

Dr. Amr Abdelaziz received his dental degree (DDS) from New York University School of Dentistry in 1988. He earned his undergraduate degree from Alexandria University in Egypt in 1984 and is a member of The Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Abdelaziz understands many people's apprehension about visiting their dentist, and enjoys making the experience for his patients pleasant and comfortable. His goal everyday is to give a great care and compassion to all his patients. Dr. Abdelaziz is a strong believer of continuing education; he attends numerous dental lectures and seminars, to keep current with the latest technology and advancement in dentistry.
New York
Abel, Robert J., DNP, PMHNP-BC

Medication for mood, anxiety and attentional disorders is a tool to help improve function and ability to work on emotional problems. Medication should be prescribed in the smallest doses and carefully monitored after the individual is completely informed about how it will feel and what to expect.
New York
Greeley Square Sta.
New York NY

ABS Design & Construction Inc is the name you can trust for all your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs.

Wherever you are in New York City, if you're looking for trusted remodeling services for your home, there's only one name keep in mind - ABS Design & Construction Inc.!

With over two decades of unwavering commitment to deliver top-notch bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, flooring remodeling, home renovation, and painting services to homeowners and business owners throughout New York City, we have established a strong and solid reputation as the premier home remodeling service provider you can count on.

Here at ABS Design & Construction Inc., our focus is on bringing your vision to life with outstanding remodeling services that aligns its work with that of your vision for your home. We understand how important it is to deliver the results you want which is why we make sure to align our goals with yours and put our knowledge and skills to work to help you achieve the home you've always wanted.

From room painting services to full home renovations, you can always count on the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail that the home improvement experts at ABS Design & Construction Inc. delivers. We work with homeowners, business owners, designers, artists, contractors, and others who need high quality interior remodeling services at fair, honest prices.

When you come to us here at ABS Design & Construction Inc., it's not just the quality and beauty of the finished work you can be sure of, you can also be sure you're getting, friendly, reliable service that provides you with honest, efficient service ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

Overall, it's more than just exceptional home remodeling services we offer, because when you come to ABS Design & Construction Inc., you can be sure you're getting the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your home's remodeling needs are in highly capable, trusted hands!
New York
80 Fifth Avenue Ste 906
New York, NY

For decades now, Acupuncture-NYC has been providing reliable services to people throughout the New York City area.

Let’s face it... Acupuncture is whacky! On the other hand, it works very, very well for a long list of conditions: pain management, stress reduction and fertility concerns, just to name a few. As healthcare is becoming more about technology and less about a hands-on approach one of our goals at Acupuncture-NYC is to bring the time-honored practice of Acupuncture into the 21st century, with the hope of making it as mainstream as possible. With nearly 2 decades of experience we know this is no simple task and understand that in order to do so we cannot ONLY provide excellent healthcare./n/nThe importance of LISTENING...

We understand how important it is to listen. At Acupuncture-NYC we believe it’s our duty take the time to really hear our patients, to listen to their questions, concerns and expectations. We take pride in giving answers and providing explanations in ways that are easily understood. We believe that by educating everyone who walks through our door about this “non-traditional” form of health care will make you a better patient. In turn, better patients make for better results and RESULTS are our specialty at Acupuncture-NYC.

Treatment Methods/Our Process...

Our treatment methods have deep traditions in Acupuncture, focusing on the deep healing of the body. When we say deep healing, we mean that we go right to the core of the problem and correct the imbalances that can cause many issues. For example with our pain management process we use Acupuncture, sometimes with the help of electric stimulation to help your body to release its own pain relieving substances, thus giving you your life back. Our weight control program focuses on getting your body back into balance by using Acupuncture, diet and herbal medicine, which combined helps you to stay focused on your goals and get results. Using our strategic use of Acupuncture methods can also help you to overcome many of the fertility issues that are preventing you from starting the family you have always wanted. Finally with Acupuncture and other modalities we can help with immune system deficiencies by breaking down the barriers in your body that have prevent your immune system from doing its job.

Simply put, sometimes our bodies need a little help and Acupuncture gives us that extra boost that, among other things, helps improve our body’s built-in healing powers, allowing us to maintain optimal health, to recover on its own and achieve permanent results.
New York